Dia Del Gospel, April 16th @ 7pm


5 Reasons to Attend Dia Del Gospel

1. We all need clarity, daily, not only on what the gospel is, but what it is not. We will explore how the classic story of the “prodigal son” reveals the depths of the good news of Jesus.

2. It is a blast to gather with a bunch of people to celebrate Jesus.

3. We want to introduce people to Jesus who have never met him, whether or not they think they have. This is an awesome time to bring friends who don’t know Jesus, so maybe for the first time they can hear what the gospel is all about…and what it’s not all about.

4. This won’t be a time to tell you how much “better” you need to be in order to get closer to God. It will be a time to tell you how perfect Jesus is, so that you can be close to God through repentance and faith.

5. What else would you do to prepare for Dia Del Oso?

See you on April 16th at 7pm.

The location of Dia Del Gospel is still TBD. We will get the word out on location ASAP through Twitter, Facebook, this blog, and Grace’s website. Check back soon!