Why I’m Not Westboro

6 Reasons I’m Not a Westboro “Baptist”…

1. The God of the Bible is far more scandalous than the Westboro’s believe. Westboro Baptist theology, as I gather from their picketing signs, interviews, and website, has very little to do with Scripture, and more to do with common human thinking. Common human thinking has historically thought of divine beings (whether believing in one God or many) as full of wrath and anger, demanding that we work hard to avoid their punishment. This is what seems to be Westboro’s idea of salvation: obey and fear God then receive his favor. This idea is not biblical. Not even close.

God demands nothing less than perfection. Once you blow it, there is no “working hard” to make up for it. There is only one hope for you: that God would be gracious to you by making a sacrifice on your behalf to pay the price for your sinful failure. The God of the Bible did this through Jesus and is nothing less than excited about it. God looks upon sinners, in the midst of their sinning, and says, “I love you. I forgive you for everything. Here is all my blessing and favor, giving to you through faith in Jesus, who died for you.” Then, and only then, do we begin to live lives of obedience to God in grateful response to the reality that God has been merciful to us.

2. I am unsure if I would be allowed to wear Vans as a Westboro team member.

3. I am a Christian.

4. I highly doubt any of them watch UFC fights on Saturday nights.

5. There is no way I would be allowed to drink a cold beer.

6. I believe in the Bible.


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