Dating and Overseas Missions?

Another question from our Dating, Marriage, and Sex conference…

Q: “If you feel called to overseas missions after you finish school, how should you view dating and marriage?”

A: I think this question is asking about viewing marriage and dating for this person specifically. It depends on a number of things, two that I am thinking about: your desires/convictions and your gender. First, if we were talking, I’d ask you how strong your conviction is to move overseas. For instance, if you were to say that you are moving overseas right after school and you will not let finding a spouse get in the way, then that needs to affect your dating life in America. You shouldn’t be heavily involved with someone who would be unwilling to move overseas. The person you are dating needs to know sooner than later about your convictions. However, if it is a distant desire and interesting idea, but you are willing to begin a marriage that may steer you away from being overseas (at least in the near future), then that will also affect your dating. If it is something you are more willing to let go of, then it may not factor in as much.

Secondly, if you are a guy, dead set on moving overseas, then the girl you pursue needs to know that sooner than later. The question is, does your (future) girl think she can fall in love with someone and trust someone who will take them, and their future kids, overseas. On the other side, if you are a girl with this desire/conviction, I’d look for a guy with a similar passion. The roles between men and women in marriages are different. Men lead, women respond. You don’t want to feel like you are leading the guy, him submitting to you. You want to respect, trust, and follow their leadership. I can more easily see you being able to follow and submit to a guy with a similar passion. This will make for a healthy and happy marriage for you both.


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