On March 6th at 7pm at Grace Church we will be answering your text-in questions about dating, marriage, and sex frankly and biblically. Gather with a bunch of college students at Grace Church and ask some questions! Learn how here.

Here is a little taste of the upcoming Wednesday night…

“Is foreplay OK? When does fun with one’s spouse become objectifying your spouse?”

“What does it look like in an everyday marriage for the wife to submit to the husband? Should this submission occur while the two are dating?”

“What if I’m afraid I won’t be able to resist temptation before I’m married?”

“Is limiting sex to only within marriage limiting my pleasure?”

“What happens if you don’t want to kiss before getting married and your girlfriend/boyfriend does want to?”

“At what point in our relationship should we say ‘I love you’?”

“How do we approach telling the ones we date about a lustful, physical previous relationship?”

“What are some practical ways to go about setting physical boundaries in a dating relationship?”

“If a guy and girl are having sex in their dating relationship and become convicted, should they break up?”

In a marriage, “Can we use condoms? Or since it hinders life ought we not to?”


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